How can I access the information I need?

Every person can request and receive information from any public institution. There are two ways to exercise that right:

  • Active Transparency: the permanent access to information on the websites of the government agencies.
  • Right of Access to information: The responsibility that government agencies have to receive requests for information and provide it, unless there is a reason for keeping it reserved.

Follow these steps to access the information:

  1. Answer these questions to yourself: What information do I need? Is there any public document i know about it? Which government agency has this document?
  2. Check if the information required is already published on the institutional website or on its Active Transparency banner. If the information is not published, or it is too hard to find, the next step is to submit a request of information.
  3. There are two ways you can request the information:
  4. The requirements are: Name, Last Name, address (the answer can be emailed to your request and your email address will be considerer as your signature).
  5. Public agencies have 20 business days to provide an answer by sending the information or explaning the reasons to deny. They can also ask for an extension of 10 business days if they have not been able to send the information before the deadline. This operation must be promptly informed to the requested party.